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Functional tests with cassette test relay test IEC 0-16 - IEC 0-21

ISA TEST RTS3 Cassetta Prova Rele'


Tests on protection system with cassette test relay are requested by Enel Distribuzione to the power suppliers that are connected to the electrical network for the adaptation to Annex A.70 in the AEEG resolution 84/2012 / R / EEL. In fact, as indicated in Annex B, Enel Distribuzione requires a statement (to be written as indicated in section 4.2.c contained in the resolution 84/2012 / R / EEL), where it must be indicated that the interface protection system adaptations have been verified by test cassette relay test. In a note of Annex B, the report file with the results of measurements with test cassette relay test must be also shown.




Functional tests on SPI interface protection and main protections SPG:

Each test is performed by our expert operators, in the field or in the laboratory, with ISA test - RT S3 test cassette relay, in compliance with current technical rules for low voltage and medium voltage installations;


All tests are performed as indicated by the current technical rules IEC 0-16 IEC 0-21 A70:



Tests in the laboratory:

the protection system is programmed and tested, with cassette test relay, as indicated by the technical rules

  • test of all functions;
  • Measuring the accuracy of intervention thresholds;
  • Measuring the accuracy of intervention times;
  • Measuring the accuracy of dropout ratio;
  • Measuring the accuracy of dropout time


After the test, the device is sent back to the customer with relative test report


Tests in field: functional test of the circuit continuity between SPI / GSP (electronic protection) and DDI / DG (disconnection device), functional test on voltmetric or amperometric circuits, tests of opening times on interface main devices.

Our operators will reach the location of installation supported by the installer responsible for the electrical installation.

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