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IEC 0-21 - 2013 Reference technical rules on users connection to LV networks


With the resolution ARG/elt 199/11, the Authority for electric energy and gas identified the technical rules IEC 0-21 as "Referential technical rules on users connection to the LV network for distributing companies of power supply."
With the resolution 84/12, AEEG has ordered that the technical rules IEC 0-21 will be implemented from July 1st, 2012, with exception of the chapter about insensitivity to brown-outs, which became law from 1st January 2013.
This second edition reports the necessary changes to comply with the resolution 84/2012 / R/EEL, published on March 8th, 2012, this resolution establishes some of parameters to guarantee the safety of the national electrical system in compliance with the technical rules IEC 0-21 for member companies to ANIE federation.




List of devices in compliance with the technical rules IEC 0-21




CEI 0-21 2012-06CEI 0-21 v1 2013-12
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