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Technical rules IEC 0-16 third edition - December 2013 update

The IEC, according to what is indicated by the electric energy and gas authority (AEEG), published the third edition of the technical rules IEC 0-16.
The technical rules are based on technical innovations, these innovations are becoming definitive internationally with a particular reference to the forthcoming implementation of the smart grids and more generally of control signals transmitted by the distributors, these signals are necessary to compensate situations related to the quality parameters of the electricity service for users.

The several annexes contain the principles to make possible a correct operation of power plants for distributed energy generation in order to safeguard the continuity, the quality and safety of the national electricity transmission service and of the one provided by distribution companies.

Some parts of the document, that require additional time for a correct definition, are indicated as "allo studio (undergoing study)". This formula has been chosen to highlight all of the themes that will complete the technical rules, so all the concerned sectors are alerted, as far as possible, even for performances, tests and features that will be required to next generators in the near future.

Another important change in the technical rules IEC 0-16 is the drastic reduction of the part dedicated to power plants with voltage greater than 35 kV, they are the most part of the lines in AT, that became property of the managing authority of the national transmission network and that are regulated, therefore, by the relative network code.
The described technical rule replaces the technical rule IEC 0-16: 2008-07.


This third edition of the technical rules IEC 0-16, updated with the rectifications published in May 2013 and the modification V1 of December 2013 has been prepared by IEC following as specified by the Authority for electric energy and gas (AEEG ) in
30 Resolution 84/2012 / R / eel of 8 March 2012 "Urgent measures to the power plants, with particular reference to power plants for distributed energy generation, to ensure the security of the national electricity system"

31 Resolution 562/2012 / R / eel of 20 December 2012 "Additional measures to power plants for distributed energy generation to ensure the security of the national electricity system. Modifications on resolution 84/2012 / R / eel ".
32 The procedures and timing for the implementation of the modification V1 of December 2013 related to the storage systems, will be defined by the authority for electric energy and gas with its own measures.
About that, on the authority's website ( the document for consultation 613/2013 / R / eel is available, with this one the authority describes the guidelines on the first regulations for the storage systems .


List of protection systems in compliance with the technical rules IEC 0-16 

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